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#Blogging201- #Day01: Three Goals

  1. Find a good writing plan
  2. Write my blog in three languages.
  3. Define what kind of blog I write.

First of all I started a blog because I love writing, then because I love take pictures. I like tell my “adventures”, and I thik start a blog as a portfolio of our skills is quite important in the internet era.I write in English because I want to improve my skills, I talk about books because I would like to do something related with the literature (deepest dream: become a resercher) ans sure I want to be connected with other people, to share something with others.

Yes, I could say I write a blog for succes.

If I wonder about what my blog would look like, I can say certainly with a big community of historical novel, fairytales and Mythology lovers,  ladies and gentlemen who like travel trought the time.

There isn’t a number of follower I would like to have, just people wh enjoy read my blog. I would like to post twice a week and some “serious” posts.


  1. Hi Flavia, I like your idea of writing in three languages, but why? Is it to get more followers, your post will attract three different language speakers or you want to practice your writing in three different languages? Nice meeting you,best wishes to you.

    Mi piace

    • Hello! I study foreign language at university, I write in English because is the “internet language” (so, yes, I think I could have more readers) and to improve it, but my mother tongue is Italian and I live in France. I think write posts in different languages could be a good plan to improve them and show what I could do as translator ^_^

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  2. English is the language I grew up speaking, so I butcher it thoroughly!
    Took a year of French my freshman year of high school, The school dropped the program for Spanish the next year. Took a year of Spanish, now I can speak neither! At least I got the 2 years of foreign language under my belt so I could apply for a decent college. Learned a little German before I started kindergarten. Unfortunately, all I learned was a couple of really bad dirty jokes. Proudly told the jokes to my great grandfather, who was not too impressed. He demanded I tell him who taught me the jokes. It was my best friend’s grandpa. The two ended up having words about what was acceptable to teach 3 year old children.

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