Me, the Fatty Girl.

When my body (and my spirit) turn into a stupid and rebel teenager, my life was follow with a phrase (from my lovely mum) “you’re fat, loose your weight” or sometimes “you can’t wear that, you’re too fat”.

Yes, I’m definitely the Fatty Girl, doesn’t matter how clever am I or what I did in my life ( if I am a good person, kind or honest or if I spent  my life saving little fluffy kitties or trowing them down in a hole -with horrible monsters in- or if I’ve learnt something in my life or did something important to define someone “good person” ), I’ll be always the Fatty Girl.

I never been slim, I have the classic shape of a triangle (Thank you, Anna for your precious advices <3). I’m a small girl with a round (and big) back, 70 kilos of pure italianess. Many people told me, when people move in a foreign country they loose or gain weight. Guess what? I’m the one who gained 10kilos during the last year.

How beautiful.

I try many diets, miraculous one (magic bean or magic drinks or magic what-you-want), foolish sessions of pilates, running, walking, eat only vegetables, eat dried bread, not-eat-at-all, the Emily’s one (Devil wears Prada), the f*ck the diet one.

I’m joking (it’s not funny, I know).

But I really want to change my body, I don’t feel well in it. So, I want to try that: 0DD Zero Diet Diary. I know Moon as illustrator ( a great one), and NOW I want to follow her advices for loss wight.

The rule are three and simples:

  1. Eat slowly
  2. Eat what you want (yes, ladies – and gentlemen – you read correctly)
  3. Leave your food (wait, wait wait, leave not waste!)

She explain (in English) these rules in her blog (so check it out!) and I found them very smart and useful.

So I’ll start a new diary, here, under “Tales of Everyday” you can read my adventures in this “thing”, first step: buy a balance. I’ll call it “Me, the (ex) Fatty Girl”.

We can do it together!


Flavia [- 0.00]

The future ex-fatty girl (Moon quote)

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