My favorites Iphone apps for take pictures

Since I had my first Iphone, I’ve a particular interest in take pictures. I love photography, but I can’t take my Nikon with me all time. I had a little camera but the quality of the photos was terrible.

With my Iphone5 I found the perfect compromise.


  • Camera – The default app is quite good, but sometimes the white parts of the pictures are burnt, and the exposition option wasn’t perfect.
  • Camera+ – With this app you can set up the option and it works like a “manual” camera. You can set up the exposition and the white balance, the focus and ISO. It’s my favorite app.
  • Hipstamatic – This app is something beautiful. You can set different rolls of film and lens. Hipstamatic is inspired by the old fashioned cameras, so you can’t edit your older pics and you must to choose the options you want before take your picture. Also, you can download the magazine SNAP!, which is focused on the app, you can read some articles about photographer who use this app for their photos, you can send your pictures and may be they publish them on the magazine and there are a lot of tips about lenses and rolls and different combinations.
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