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When Marnie was there – Joan G. Robinson

Anna is a solitary girl without friends. She lives like an outsider, and thinks all the whole world is part of  a sort of  “circle” where she is excluded, without any particular reason.

She is sent by her foster mother to Little Overton, in Norfolk, to visit her foster mother’s old friends. Between the sand dune and the marsh Anna meets Marnie, a strange girl who don’t judge Anna for being “passive” with other people.

This is the story of a sweet and a particular friendship between two girls, destined to endure forever until, mysteriously Marnie vanishes.

I started to read this book when I discovered the Studio Ghibli’s movie. But as always the animations inspired by english literature books, the bookish version has told me something spacial than the animated movie and I loved Studio Ghibli’s version.

If I were read this book when I was 12 years old, I could adored it, still now this book, has the power to make me want a friend like Marnie. But when you have 9yo, friendship is a different matter.

This novel had the power to touch me intensely, it speaks to my child-self, to the hidden girl who has never overcome her fears and doubts. I found myself to would like to be the friend that Anna needs or to have near me a friend like Marnie.

The veil between dream and reality is faint, during the reading I had never understand what is real in the story and what is not, until the last part of the novel, the doubt of who or what is Marnie persist.

Don’t mind if you are not a child, you should read this book if you want to dream about a real, everlasting friendship.

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